Stem cell and stem cell treatment for neurological disorders

Stem cells are group of cells that have the origin from a single cell but are grown in a lab. They can regenerate themselves in the laboratory. These cell do not grow into differentiate cells, nor do they have any genetic defect. The cluster of these cells can be taken from the stem cell line for storage or for sharing with other researchers. Unlike blood cells, muscle cells or nerve cells, stem cells have the capacity to multiple themselves.

Stem cell can be manipulated into specific type of cells such as heart cells, nerve cells or blood cells.  These specified cells are then given to the patient.  When a patient with heart problem is given stem cells, the cells then help to repair the damaged heart muscle.

Doctors have already performed the stem cell transplants. In this transplant, the stem cells have replaced the damaged cells caused by chemotherapy or some diseases. These transplant stem cells were injected to fight some type of cancer of blood related disease. Here the stem cell used was adult stem cell or umbilical cord blood.

researResearchers have shown that this stem cell migrate to the damaged area and assume the function of neurons thus giving promise of cure of disease like Parkinson’s diseases, Alzheimer diseases and other neurological disorders. Alzheimer disease currently has to cure. It is progressive cell degeneration of the brain cells which are associated with memory, thought and language. The disease has few therapy and medications.

The researchers are of view that stem cell can be used to treat the diseases. There is strong possibility that the injected stem cells can go to the damaged area and can differentiate into the cells that are needed in the brain.  This renewed supply of cell will help the recovery .Similarly; the study was conducted to show the result of injection of stem cell into the person suffering from Parkinson diseases. After injection the person showed improvement in conditions associated with diseases.

Strokes often lead to death of certain brain cells.  The use of stem cells in such patients has given positive results. The injection of stem cell has Stem Cell Therapy India shown that they are capable of blocking the death of cells. In the same way, in nervous system injuries, neural stem cell can replace the lost tissues. The stem cell can help the host neural growth by giving growth factors. The spinal cord injury repair by injecting stem cells depends on the complex interaction of the host cells and injected cells.

In this area, the research is still going on. The researchers do not want to take the result of therapy on animal to human without further studies and research. Researches also want to make sure that stem cell will Stem Cells Treatment for Neurological Disorders  differentiate into specific cell.   They have discovered how embryonic cells can become heart cells and they have to make sure that embryonic cells growth takes place in controlled and specific cells.


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