Stem Cells And Their Ability To Fight Various Age Related Diseases

Stem cells have the natural ability to replicate themselves. They can make new cells and then can replace the old damaged cells in the human body. During their replication, they do not get any defect and can retain the basic cells qualities. These cells can be made to replicate themselves in the laboratory. When they are injected into the damaged part of the body, they accelerate the process of self healing.  When a stem cell divides, it can become the other type of cell like brain cell, muscle cell or red blood cell.   Stem cells are taken from the bone marrow or umbilical cord.

Stem are different from normal cells because of their distinct ability to divide and generate more cells of same nature from them and their capacity to become special cells to perform the  different functions in the body .

Stem cells can be used to fight various diseases like blood disorder, immune disorder and metabolic disorders. It is used to treat diseases related to mind such as Parkinson’ diseases, Alzheimer, and other diseases like strokes, liver cirrhosis and traumatic brain injuries. Scientists are working to looking into the possibility of stem cells treating type 1 diabetes rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis

Anti aging treatment using stem cells is done to improve the physical and mental capacity of the person. The stem cells therapy restores the lost physical strength and mental strength. It does this by increasing the posture, work capacity and making a person feel less fatigue. From mental side, it gives improvement in short memory functions, mental agility, which leads to good decision making capacity. The stem cell treatment is also done for cosmetic purpose like improving the skin color, reducing wrinkles, fine lines and making skin tight.

The anti aging treatment can be Stem Cells Anti Aging Treatment given to healthy persons besides person with age related and advanced and serious diseases. The health person may be from corporate world or over stress workaholic. The anti aging process gives them back the young fresh looking with sparking eye and wrinkle free skin. They gain confidence and may get increase in weight from 1 to 2 kg.

Persons with diseases like diabetes, hypertension, gastro disorders, excess weight, arthritis problem can be given the stem cell therapy to reduce their problems.  The reduction in symptoms of various Stem Cells Treatment India diseases happen after 3 to 6 months. After this the person feeling marked different in physical and mental abilities. The life quality of such persons improves after the stem cells treatment.

Persons with serious or advanced disease of heart, nervous system or tumors also see decrease in symptoms of these diseases. They can avoid the worsening of conditions related to these diseases. The anti aging effects of the stem cell can be given by any other medical treatment.  Cost of the treatment may be bit expenses but with increase in technology and facilities, it may decrease in the near future.


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