Stem cells and their roles in cure of several diseases

Stem cells are the basic cell of the human body. They are the raw material of the body. All other cells are generated from these stem cells. Stem cells can be taken to the laboratory to produce more cells of similar nature called daughter cells.  These cells, which are created by the stem cells, can become the like stem cells or by injecting them into body, they can become the specialized cells, like brain cells, heart cells etc. Only stem cells have the ability to generate new cells. Other cells in the body do not have the ability to generate new cells. During the generation of the cells, they do not carry any infection or disease and can grow in large numbers.

Stem cells have several sources. The embryonic stem cells come from embryos and they are few days old. These types of cell can be divided into more stem cells and can be made into any type of cells in the body. This ability of the embryos cells allows them to be used to replace the damaged parts and organs. Currently, they are used for muscular degeneration of eye related disorders

Adult stem cells are taken from adult tissues such as bone marrow or fat. These stem cells have limited ability to grow into various body cells. Contrary to early beliefs, now researchers believe that bone marrow cells can generate heart or bone cells. Adult cells can be more adaptable than other stem cells. Though there are some limitations to the use of stem cells in development of specified cells.


Stem cells are Stem Cell Therapy India also taken from umbilical cord blood stem cells. These cells can also be changed into specialized stem cells. Researchers have also identified the stem cells in the amniotic fluid during the major operation on pregnant women.

Research into the stem cells will help doctors to cure several diseases by knowing how diseases are formed. Stem cells can be injected into the damaged part of the body, where they will replace the damaged cells. People suffering from diabetes, Parkinson diseases, Alzheimer disease, cancer, strokes and other fatal disease can be cured. Stem cell may also have to ability to become new tissues for use in regenerate and transplant medicine. Stem cells can also be used to test the efficacy of new drugs before giving them to people. This type of testing is going to have major impact on the making of new heart toxicity testing.

Stem cell can be Stem Cell Therapy  made into the specific cell to test the drugs and know how the specific cells will behave with the administration of new drugs. For example, the nerve cells can be generated to test a drug for nerve diseases.  The new research into possibilities of stem cells will enable to cure the incurable disease like Alzheimer diseases, which has no proper treatment available currently in any part of the world.


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