Diseases That Can Be Treated By the PRP & Stem Cells Therapy

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Stem cells are taken from the bone marrow and umbilical cord and then are grown in the laboratory. These cells can generate other cells with same qualities and characteristics. They can grow without any infection. These cells can be injected into the damaged part of the body. Where they thrown out the damaged part and replace them. These stem cells can also develop into the special cells, like heart cells or particular muscle cells.

The research is on to see the full potential of the stem cells and diseases that they can cure. The results have been obtained by treatment of stem cells on the animals and they have given some evidence that stem cells can be used to treat various diseases from cancer to Parkinson’s diseases and Alzheimer.

Currently, the stem cells are used to treat blood and immune system after cancer treatment. The stem cells are used to transplant blood stem cells after cancer treatment. Since 1970, the stem cells have been used by the surgeon to grow the skin graft for patient with severe burn on the body. But the skin that is grown this way comes with no sweat glands and hair follicles. Researchers are on to improve the results of the treatment. Another treatment using stem cells that is currently given approval in Europe is the treatment to repair damaged cornea, the surface of eye.

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Scientists are Stem Cells Therapy in Delhi exploring the possibility of using specific stem cells in healing. But they also understand that these cells have limited capabilities. These tissue based stem cells can grow themselves in the laboratory without any manipulation. For example, the blood –forming cells found in bone marrow can generate the blood cells, while the brain stem cells make brain cell. In other words, the brain cell cannot make blood cell or blood cell cannot make brain cell. Thus, there is possibility that one cannot treat the unrelated diseases which involve other organs and tissue.

The confirmed results are that stem cells have treated more than 80 diseases so far. There is possibility Stem Cells Treatment in Delhi but trails have to be done on the humans before, that diseases like diabetes, HIV, liver diseases, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury, and disease related to brain or skin can be treated by the use of stem cells. The other diseases that can be treated or are successfully treated with the stem cell therapy are leukemia diseases, inherited immune disorders, melodysplastic syndrome, plasma cell disorders, metabolic disorder, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and inherited disorders. The trails on human have given positive results in many other cases and the possibility of use of stem cell is growing in many disorders. The companies in advanced countries are now increasingly using stem cells on patients with heart issues and diabetes. Few clinics in the worlds are equipped to treat patient with stem cells but the widespread use will  increase with more and more positive results.


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