Stem cells treatment for neurological disorders and musculoskeletal injuries

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Stem cells have the remarkable ability to generate themselves and develop into other cells types in which they are injected. They can generate themselves into countless numbers by dividing themselves. When stem cells are divided, they can become the more specialized cell, such as heart cell, red blood cell or brain cell.

Stem cells have following specialty

  1. They do not have any tissue specific structures; this ability allows them to perform function of specific cells, like heart cell or brain cells.
  1. They can easily give rise to specified cells of the body,
  1. They can multiply themselves continuously till the life of human being or animal.

Neurological disorder Stem Cells Treatment for Neurological Disorders means disorder in brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. All these diseases have common links, involving neural cell damage, neural dysfunction, and progressive deterioration.

Stem Cells Therapy in Delhi

Stem cells treatment in the Alzheimer’s diseases offers great potential. Alzheimer disease is caused by the death of several cells in the brain. This is progressive diseases and ultimately leads to loss of memory and cognitive abilities.  Currently, there is no medical solution to the problem. The stem cell can be injected to replace the several cells in the brain. Damaged cells in the brains are needed to be replaced to help the brain function properly. Scientist believes that use of stem cells could stop brain cell from dying. The stem cells can also stimulate the existing cells. The clinical trials have shown that stem cells were able to stop the progression of the Alzheimer diseases.  Similarly, the use of stem cells in Parkinson disease has also confirmed that they are able to stop the trembling and muscle rigidity of the Parkinson diseases.

Stem cells treatment is Stem Cells Treatment For Orthopedic used in knee disease, spinal cord issues, and shoulder repair. Rotator cuff injuries, chronic shoulder pain, can be relieved by the use of stem cell treatment .Spinal injuries often result in pain in back and neck. The stem cell offers tissues repair, regeneration and stoppage of inflammation problem. In hip treatment, the stem cells are   injected by using local anesthesia; the use of ultrasound is also done to ensure that injection is accurate. The treatment is regularly given at several hospitals in the United States.

The basic idea behind the injection of a stem cell is that concentrated regenerative cells injected at the degenerative part of the body will kick start the self healing process of the body. This injection of stem cells can be given independently or with the other surgical procedures.


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