Potential Of The Stem Cell Treatment In India

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The foundation of every cell , organ and tissue in the body is stem cell . The stem cells taken from the bone marrow can be developed into heart cells , liver cell , brain cell and nerve or skin tissues . The biggest advantage with the stem cells is they can be created into any other tissues or cells . They can also multiple themselves into countless cells .

Advantages and potential of stem cells –

With the help of stem cells another cells and tissues can be made . These days in the leading hospitals the donated organs are used to replace the organs which are damaged or destroyed . The use of stem cells offers the opportunity to replace the damaged cells and tissues with creating as many additional tissues as needed . The diseases which can be treated with the use of stem cells range from parkinsons disease to spinal cord injuries , diabetes , heart problems and arthritis.

Stem Cells Therapy in Delhi

New research in the stem cells – the new breakthrogughs in the celll and molecular biology have given significant benefits to the medical science . The recent research has shown that the stem cell regenerations Stem Cells Treatment In Delhi has played in very crucial role in the regeneration of damaged tissues and their functions in many diseases , which are considered incurable like renal failure , cirrhosis , diabetes , cerebral palsy , myo pathy and at least 72 other disorders . The trials are showing promising results .

Working Of A Stem Cell Therapy –

the principles of the stem cell therapy are same as used in traditional cell therapy . The therapy starts with the selection of specific organ cells from an animal fetus . The widely used donor animal is the sheep because researchers have shown that the animal has excellent immune system and resistance to diseases is very high . The proteins of the sheep are compatible with the human protein and cause no reactions . The cells of the sheep are injected into the human body .


Stem cells have no antigen and are not considered as foreign agents by the human body . The go from the point of injection and congregate at the organ , from which they were taken , like liver cell go to liver of human being and brain cell go to brain . The new stem Stem Cells Therapy In Delhi cells cause old , degenerating cells to function with new energy and vigor . These new cells also revitalize the body and strengthen the immune system of the body


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