Stem cells treatment for neurological disorders and musculoskeletal injuries

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Stem cells have the remarkable ability to generate themselves and develop into other cells types in which they are injected. They can generate themselves into countless numbers by dividing themselves. When stem cells are divided, they can become the more specialized cell, such as heart cell, red blood cell or brain cell.

Stem cells have following specialty

  1. They do not have any tissue specific structures; this ability allows them to perform function of specific cells, like heart cell or brain cells.
  1. They can easily give rise to specified cells of the body,
  1. They can multiply themselves continuously till the life of human being or animal.

Neurological disorder Stem Cells Treatment for Neurological Disorders means disorder in brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. All these diseases have common links, involving neural cell damage, neural dysfunction, and progressive deterioration.

Stem Cells Therapy in Delhi

Stem cells treatment in the Alzheimer’s diseases offers great potential. Alzheimer disease is caused by the death of several cells in the brain. This is progressive diseases and ultimately leads to loss of memory and cognitive abilities.  Currently, there is no medical solution to the problem. The stem cell can be injected to replace the several cells in the brain. Damaged cells in the brains are needed to be replaced to help the brain function properly. Scientist believes that use of stem cells could stop brain cell from dying. The stem cells can also stimulate the existing cells. The clinical trials have shown that stem cells were able to stop the progression of the Alzheimer diseases.  Similarly, the use of stem cells in Parkinson disease has also confirmed that they are able to stop the trembling and muscle rigidity of the Parkinson diseases.

Stem cells treatment is Stem Cells Treatment For Orthopedic used in knee disease, spinal cord issues, and shoulder repair. Rotator cuff injuries, chronic shoulder pain, can be relieved by the use of stem cell treatment .Spinal injuries often result in pain in back and neck. The stem cell offers tissues repair, regeneration and stoppage of inflammation problem. In hip treatment, the stem cells are   injected by using local anesthesia; the use of ultrasound is also done to ensure that injection is accurate. The treatment is regularly given at several hospitals in the United States.

The basic idea behind the injection of a stem cell is that concentrated regenerative cells injected at the degenerative part of the body will kick start the self healing process of the body. This injection of stem cells can be given independently or with the other surgical procedures.


Stem cells and their role in neurological and orthopedic cases

Stem cells have remarkable ability to develop themselves by through cell division under laboratory conditions. When they are injected in the body, they can become like the part in which they are injected. Each cell of the stem cell has the potential to remain stem cell or become specified cell such as muscle cell or blood cell or brain cell.  In some organs such as bone marrow or gut, the stem cells replace or repair the worn out parts by dividing themselves.

Stem cells treatment for neurology

Stem cells have shown potential to treat various diseases related to the neurological disorder. The cerebral palsy is the brain injury during pregnancy or after child’s birth. The use of  stem cells in animals have shown results and these are giving confidence that in future the stem cell can be injected into human for curing brain injury.The potential is that by transforming the stem cell into vasculature rather than directly into brain will help improve the condition in human beings.


Similarly, in Alzheimer’s disease, degeneration of brain cells can be cured by use of stem cells. The stem cell grafts can be implanted to cure many disease related to the central nervous system including Alzheimer disease. After grafting, the stem cells can migrate to the part of the brain and become the cell, the lack which causes the diseases. The stem cells can also supply the new cells to promote the recovery by replacing damaged cells rapidly.

Parkinson disease Stem Cells Treatment for Neurological Disorders cure has shown the real possibility because the experiment was conducted on the patient and he showed improvement. The stem cells were isolated from the brain of the patient. They were treated in the laboratory to produce the neurons. Then they were injected into the brain of the patient. The condition of the patient improved and he showed little rigidity of muscles associated with the diseases. This was the first study which demonstrated that stem cell treatment has real potential for curing Parkinson diseases.

Similarly, the stem cells have improved the conditions of animals suffering from brain strokes. Scientists are conducted further research on the spinal cord injury and use of stem cell to cure it.

The use of Stem Cells Treatment For Orthopaedic stem cell has been quite successful in the orthopedic field. It has been used in bone grafting of skeletal defects . Also in treatment of osteoporosis, the stem cells treatment has been very effective. Stem cell treatment is already tested on humans in the field of orthopedic field with excellent results.

Diseases That Can Be Treated By the PRP & Stem Cells Therapy

Stem Cells Therapy in Delhi | Stem Cells Therapy in India | Stem Cells Therapy | Stem Cells Therapy India | Regennmed

Stem cells are taken from the bone marrow and umbilical cord and then are grown in the laboratory. These cells can generate other cells with same qualities and characteristics. They can grow without any infection. These cells can be injected into the damaged part of the body. Where they thrown out the damaged part and replace them. These stem cells can also develop into the special cells, like heart cells or particular muscle cells.

The research is on to see the full potential of the stem cells and diseases that they can cure. The results have been obtained by treatment of stem cells on the animals and they have given some evidence that stem cells can be used to treat various diseases from cancer to Parkinson’s diseases and Alzheimer.

Currently, the stem cells are used to treat blood and immune system after cancer treatment. The stem cells are used to transplant blood stem cells after cancer treatment. Since 1970, the stem cells have been used by the surgeon to grow the skin graft for patient with severe burn on the body. But the skin that is grown this way comes with no sweat glands and hair follicles. Researchers are on to improve the results of the treatment. Another treatment using stem cells that is currently given approval in Europe is the treatment to repair damaged cornea, the surface of eye.

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Scientists are Stem Cells Therapy in Delhi exploring the possibility of using specific stem cells in healing. But they also understand that these cells have limited capabilities. These tissue based stem cells can grow themselves in the laboratory without any manipulation. For example, the blood –forming cells found in bone marrow can generate the blood cells, while the brain stem cells make brain cell. In other words, the brain cell cannot make blood cell or blood cell cannot make brain cell. Thus, there is possibility that one cannot treat the unrelated diseases which involve other organs and tissue.

The confirmed results are that stem cells have treated more than 80 diseases so far. There is possibility Stem Cells Treatment in Delhi but trails have to be done on the humans before, that diseases like diabetes, HIV, liver diseases, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury, and disease related to brain or skin can be treated by the use of stem cells. The other diseases that can be treated or are successfully treated with the stem cell therapy are leukemia diseases, inherited immune disorders, melodysplastic syndrome, plasma cell disorders, metabolic disorder, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and inherited disorders. The trails on human have given positive results in many other cases and the possibility of use of stem cell is growing in many disorders. The companies in advanced countries are now increasingly using stem cells on patients with heart issues and diabetes. Few clinics in the worlds are equipped to treat patient with stem cells but the widespread use will  increase with more and more positive results.

Different Diseases, Conditions and Disorders That Can Be Treated Through Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell research is extremely effective in treatment of different types of diseases. Some of the common diseases that can be cured through stem cells are Diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis and Parkinson’s disease. For the purpose of prevention of a disease or conditions, the stem cells are used in stem cell therapy.

One of the crude forms of stem cell therapy is bone marrow transplant. Without any controversy, the bone marrow transplant has been used for clinical treatment of different diseases. As per the recent study, it was reported that no stem cell therapies other than bone marrow transplant are widely used.

For the purpose of stem cell treatments for different disorders, diseases and other conditions, in recent years there are lot of scientific research going on across the world. With the ability of scientists to isolate and culture embryonic stem cells, the researches on the stem cell therapies have increased in recent times.


As per the recent study, it was reported that the conditions or diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, can be effectively treated or managed through enhanced stem therapy. Other diseases such as Osteoarthritis can also be treated through stem cell therapy.

Stroke and traumatic brain injury repair can be treated through advanced stem cell therapy in different specialized stem cell treatment centers in India. Heart infarction can be managed and cured at stem centers where the stem cells are used for treatment by the qualified doctors.

Recent research has suggested that the stem cell therapy can be effective in treatment of different types of cancers. It was reported that the stem cell therapy can be used for the purpose of treating Learning disability due to congenital disorder in different stem cell centers in India.

Some stem centers has reported that the stem cell treatment can be used for baldness reversal for the purpose of effective treatment of baldness. Even missing teeth can be replaced through effective stem cell therapy at reputed stem cell centers in India.

Stem Cells Treatment for Neurological Disorders is known for its high success rate. Repairing of hearing can be done through stem cell treatment at the stem cell research institute in India.

Many research groups have reported that the stem cell treatment can be used for restoring vision of individual. Furthermore, the damage to the cornea can be cured through stem cell therapy in India. Crohn’s disease can be effectively managed through the stem cell therapy, as per the studies conducted by the research group.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis can be cured and treated through the stem cell therapy conducted by the stem cell centers across the world. Wounding healing processes can be enhanced through stem cell treatment. Stem Cells Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury can be availed from stem cell centers across the world, for the treatment of the spinal cord injury.

Apart from extremely successful results and future prospects, the treatment of diseases through stem cell theapry is associated with certain limitation. Immunosuppressant can be required in almost all the stem cell therapy.  A specific cell type for stem cell treatment is extremely difficult to obtain due to pluripotency in certain stem cells.