Stem cells and the prospect of stem cell therapy in India

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Stem cells are the cells that have capacity to self proliferate, regenerate and differentiate. These cells are able to produce more specified cell, when injected into any part of the body. Their ability to generate into specified cells of the cells where they are injected has given rise to the possibilities that they can be used to cure many diseases .Stem cells can removed the damaged cells and replace them with cells that are needed at the particular part of the body.

The two important characteristic of the stem cells are their ability to produce themselves through cell divisions and that they can produce the functioning cells when injected into the specified damaged part of the body.

Stem Cells Therapy in Delhi

The stem cell therapy has made rapid advanced in India and it would be possible to replace the conventional, expensive therapy with stem cell therapy for chronic diseases.  The stem cell therapy is bit costly and it can run into lakhs of rupees. The stem cell therapy is offered in leading Stem Cells Therapy in India hospitals in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Pune. There is slightly difference into the style of treatment. The doctors of Hyderabad directly inject the stem cells into the brain for autism and doctors of pune give stem cells intravenously.

After successfully testing stem cell therapy on many diseases, the doctors are now testing the stem cell to cure the autism. This is a neural disorder and person or children suffering from it have impaired interaction and level of communication is also not developed. They have difficulties in day to day meeting communication needs.


The stem cell is being tested on the children with autism syndrome. The doctors are divided over the efficacy of the stem cells in the autism case. Some doctors show that there was some improvement in the children with autism, when stem cells were injected in the brains. Some doctors say that their PET scans has shown increased metabolism in some parts of the brain after stem cells injections. But others believe that autism occurs before the birth, and there is no damaged brain, which can be cured by stem cell therapy. The stem cell therapy in case of autism  may not give the desired results. But stem cells have already worked on the heart disease, diabetes, Stem Cells Treatment in India and tests have confirmed that it can work on Parkinson diseases and other neurological issues. The issues which can be treated with the stem cell are spinal cord injury, hearing loss, osteoarthritis, knee injuries, lung disease, multiple sclerosis and many other diseases.


Stem cells and their role in neurological and orthopedic cases

Stem cells have remarkable ability to develop themselves by through cell division under laboratory conditions. When they are injected in the body, they can become like the part in which they are injected. Each cell of the stem cell has the potential to remain stem cell or become specified cell such as muscle cell or blood cell or brain cell.  In some organs such as bone marrow or gut, the stem cells replace or repair the worn out parts by dividing themselves.

Stem cells treatment for neurology

Stem cells have shown potential to treat various diseases related to the neurological disorder. The cerebral palsy is the brain injury during pregnancy or after child’s birth. The use of  stem cells in animals have shown results and these are giving confidence that in future the stem cell can be injected into human for curing brain injury.The potential is that by transforming the stem cell into vasculature rather than directly into brain will help improve the condition in human beings.


Similarly, in Alzheimer’s disease, degeneration of brain cells can be cured by use of stem cells. The stem cell grafts can be implanted to cure many disease related to the central nervous system including Alzheimer disease. After grafting, the stem cells can migrate to the part of the brain and become the cell, the lack which causes the diseases. The stem cells can also supply the new cells to promote the recovery by replacing damaged cells rapidly.

Parkinson disease Stem Cells Treatment for Neurological Disorders cure has shown the real possibility because the experiment was conducted on the patient and he showed improvement. The stem cells were isolated from the brain of the patient. They were treated in the laboratory to produce the neurons. Then they were injected into the brain of the patient. The condition of the patient improved and he showed little rigidity of muscles associated with the diseases. This was the first study which demonstrated that stem cell treatment has real potential for curing Parkinson diseases.

Similarly, the stem cells have improved the conditions of animals suffering from brain strokes. Scientists are conducted further research on the spinal cord injury and use of stem cell to cure it.

The use of Stem Cells Treatment For Orthopaedic stem cell has been quite successful in the orthopedic field. It has been used in bone grafting of skeletal defects . Also in treatment of osteoporosis, the stem cells treatment has been very effective. Stem cell treatment is already tested on humans in the field of orthopedic field with excellent results.

Stem cells and their use in treatment of diseases

Stem Cells Therapy in Delhi | Stem Cells Therapy in India | Stem Cells Therapy | Stem Cells Therapy India | Regennmed

Stem cells are different from other cells of the body. They have three general characteristics, they can divide themselves in countless cells, and they can also renew themselves for longer period. And their divide themselves without any infection. All stem cells have these characteristics, regardless of their origin. The stem cells can also specialized themselves into cells, where they are injected.  The stem cells can give million of cells in the laboratory for use in any part of the body.

The widespread use of stem cells has been to treat the diseases of blood and immune system. The stem cells are also used for blood system restoration after treatment for cancer. In American, the stem cells are used to treat the skin burnt cases by growing skin grafts for patients with severe skin burns. But there are some aspects of this treatment for burnt skin that has to be improved. The skin generated with the treatment of stem cells is not like normal skin and has to hair follicles or sweat glands. But scientists are trying to improve the effectiveness of stem cell treatment,

Stem Cells Therapy in Delhi

Today the Stem Cells Therapy in India is used to produce tissues and cells that can be used for cell based therapies. There is need to replace damaged organs in large number of patients but the availability is less and demand is growing. The gap could be filled by growing organs and tissues with the help of stem cells by injecting them into tissues and organs needed .For example, the use of stem cells can be done to produce heart muscle cells in the laboratory and then inject the same into the person with heart diseases. The research done in laboratory on mice has shown positive results in this regard. Now, scientists are try to understand whether the stem cells can generate heart cells or help to grow new blood vessels to repopulate the heart tissue. The tests in laboratory have shown promise that in future it would be Stem Cells Treatment in India possible to cure heart diseases in humans with injecting stem cells grown in the laboratories.. Also diseases related to brains, such as brains stroke, and diabetes can also be treated with the use of stem cells by various methods.  For example, in diabetes, the production of insulin stops, which regulates the amount of sugar in the body. The stem cells can be injected into the human to generate insulin producing cells to cure the diabetes.

Diseases That Can Be Treated By the PRP & Stem Cells Therapy

Stem Cells Therapy in Delhi | Stem Cells Therapy in India | Stem Cells Therapy | Stem Cells Therapy India | Regennmed

Stem cells are taken from the bone marrow and umbilical cord and then are grown in the laboratory. These cells can generate other cells with same qualities and characteristics. They can grow without any infection. These cells can be injected into the damaged part of the body. Where they thrown out the damaged part and replace them. These stem cells can also develop into the special cells, like heart cells or particular muscle cells.

The research is on to see the full potential of the stem cells and diseases that they can cure. The results have been obtained by treatment of stem cells on the animals and they have given some evidence that stem cells can be used to treat various diseases from cancer to Parkinson’s diseases and Alzheimer.

Currently, the stem cells are used to treat blood and immune system after cancer treatment. The stem cells are used to transplant blood stem cells after cancer treatment. Since 1970, the stem cells have been used by the surgeon to grow the skin graft for patient with severe burn on the body. But the skin that is grown this way comes with no sweat glands and hair follicles. Researchers are on to improve the results of the treatment. Another treatment using stem cells that is currently given approval in Europe is the treatment to repair damaged cornea, the surface of eye.

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Scientists are Stem Cells Therapy in Delhi exploring the possibility of using specific stem cells in healing. But they also understand that these cells have limited capabilities. These tissue based stem cells can grow themselves in the laboratory without any manipulation. For example, the blood –forming cells found in bone marrow can generate the blood cells, while the brain stem cells make brain cell. In other words, the brain cell cannot make blood cell or blood cell cannot make brain cell. Thus, there is possibility that one cannot treat the unrelated diseases which involve other organs and tissue.

The confirmed results are that stem cells have treated more than 80 diseases so far. There is possibility Stem Cells Treatment in Delhi but trails have to be done on the humans before, that diseases like diabetes, HIV, liver diseases, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury, and disease related to brain or skin can be treated by the use of stem cells. The other diseases that can be treated or are successfully treated with the stem cell therapy are leukemia diseases, inherited immune disorders, melodysplastic syndrome, plasma cell disorders, metabolic disorder, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and inherited disorders. The trails on human have given positive results in many other cases and the possibility of use of stem cell is growing in many disorders. The companies in advanced countries are now increasingly using stem cells on patients with heart issues and diabetes. Few clinics in the worlds are equipped to treat patient with stem cells but the widespread use will  increase with more and more positive results.

Stem cell therapy and its potential for orthopedic and spinal cord injury

Stem cell therapy involves the use of stem cells to cure the diseases. Stem cells are taken from bone marrow and umbilical cord. The stem cells can generate themselves under laboratory conditions. They can reproduce without any defect and can give millions of new cells. These cells can also grow into specified cells like heart muscle cells, or brain cells. They fight the damaged cells and replace them in the body part where they are injected. They can be used to treat diseases like diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer, heart and many other diseases.

The list of the diseases, which can be treated with stem cells, is still very small. The most extensive used stem cell treatment is the use of stem cell for blood transplantation for treating some blood related disease or to build the blood system after cancer treatment. Similarly, the bone, skin and eye injuries are treated with implanted tissues. The use of stem cells is done with this implanted tissue. The use of stem cells in these two both treatments are safe and clinically tested.


The clinical testing is being done on host of other disease to fully understand the effect of stem cells. Scientists also believe that stem cells found in one tissue, cannot, make cells found in other tissue, without laboratory manipulation. So it is still not clear, whether the stem cells found in one tissue can treat other diseases. But scientists are using other techniques to make certain specified cells using embryonic cells. But directly these cells cannot be directed into the body.  They need careful guidance to become the specified cells.

The injection of bone marrow Stem Cells Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury cells into injured spinal cord cells has shown the potential to treat the diseases. But these experiments were conducted on the animals. It is yet to be seen whether the injection of bone marrow cell can improve the neurologic function of spinal cord in human beings. Some improvements were noted in some patients but the further trials are needed to know the full impact of stem cells in spinal injuries.

Orthopedic surgeons are focusing their attention on mesenchymal stem cells.  These cells are obtained from living adult tissue.

Bone marrow stromal cells Stem Cells Treatment for Orthopedic are mesenchymal stem cells, which can under proper lab conditions, become the cells of the musculosketal system.  They can develop into trabecular bone, articular cartilage, and other parts of the bone marrow. Most of the cases to test the efficacy of stem cells to treat the orthodontic cases are done in laboratories.

Stem cell trial is being used to treat bone fractures, healing ligaments, replacing degenerative vertebral disks and for other arthritic points. The most successful trials are needed to make the stem cell procedures common for human beings, the cancer treatment and detection will become easy with the knowledge gained from stem cells science.

Stem cells and their roles in cure of several diseases

Stem cells are the basic cell of the human body. They are the raw material of the body. All other cells are generated from these stem cells. Stem cells can be taken to the laboratory to produce more cells of similar nature called daughter cells.  These cells, which are created by the stem cells, can become the like stem cells or by injecting them into body, they can become the specialized cells, like brain cells, heart cells etc. Only stem cells have the ability to generate new cells. Other cells in the body do not have the ability to generate new cells. During the generation of the cells, they do not carry any infection or disease and can grow in large numbers.

Stem cells have several sources. The embryonic stem cells come from embryos and they are few days old. These types of cell can be divided into more stem cells and can be made into any type of cells in the body. This ability of the embryos cells allows them to be used to replace the damaged parts and organs. Currently, they are used for muscular degeneration of eye related disorders

Adult stem cells are taken from adult tissues such as bone marrow or fat. These stem cells have limited ability to grow into various body cells. Contrary to early beliefs, now researchers believe that bone marrow cells can generate heart or bone cells. Adult cells can be more adaptable than other stem cells. Though there are some limitations to the use of stem cells in development of specified cells.


Stem cells are Stem Cell Therapy India also taken from umbilical cord blood stem cells. These cells can also be changed into specialized stem cells. Researchers have also identified the stem cells in the amniotic fluid during the major operation on pregnant women.

Research into the stem cells will help doctors to cure several diseases by knowing how diseases are formed. Stem cells can be injected into the damaged part of the body, where they will replace the damaged cells. People suffering from diabetes, Parkinson diseases, Alzheimer disease, cancer, strokes and other fatal disease can be cured. Stem cell may also have to ability to become new tissues for use in regenerate and transplant medicine. Stem cells can also be used to test the efficacy of new drugs before giving them to people. This type of testing is going to have major impact on the making of new heart toxicity testing.

Stem cell can be Stem Cell Therapy  made into the specific cell to test the drugs and know how the specific cells will behave with the administration of new drugs. For example, the nerve cells can be generated to test a drug for nerve diseases.  The new research into possibilities of stem cells will enable to cure the incurable disease like Alzheimer diseases, which has no proper treatment available currently in any part of the world.